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SIRI Assessment & Prioritization Tool

Evaluate the extent of company readiness for Industry 4.0

Smart Industry Readiness Index Assessment and Prioritization Tool

Evaluate the extent of company readiness for Industry 4.0

What it is

The Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) is the official Industry 4.0 readiness index endorsed by the World Economic Forum to help manufacturers start, scale and sustain I4.0 transformation journey

To learn more, access the official SIRI website at:

SIRI assessments provide a unique benchmark of Industry 4.0 maturity across a range of sectors

3 building blocks to ensure a comprehensive evaluation


Assessing company processes with the target of converging into a single unified system


Assessing company technology based on necessary requirements for Industry 4.0


Assessing company’s organization and strategy to measure its readiness for ​ Industry 4.0

How it works

SIRI is composed of 4 key activities to provide companies with an evaluation of their current digital maturity



  • SIRI data request on cost categories
  • Basic company information and processes


Baseline Assessment

  • Introduction to Industry 4.0
  • Factory/ Plant tour and assessment
  • SIRI baseline assessment through interactive facilitated discussion


SIRI Model: Future State Prioritization

  • Review current state digital maturity vs. SIRI industry specific benchmark data
  • Future state prioritization identifying key digital enablers
  • Next steps; articulation of potential priority initiatives
  • Introduction to Tier framework and prioritization matrix


Official SIRI report consisting of

  • Current state maturity across 16 dimensions
  • Benchmark against manufacturing sector and industry peer
  • Future state prioritization

What the output looks like

Output from the report will cover 3 main areas

Assessment Scorecard

Identifies current state, future state, industry benchmarks and focus areas

Future state is determined by considering company P/L data and best practices

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Business Objective Prioritization

Company’s KPIs are ranked based on both on the input of the key personnel and the SIRI assessment

KPI rankings are compared and focus business objectives are defined

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SIRI Prioritization Results

Prioritized Industry 4.0 dimensions based on assessment output, company’s strategic objectives and ranked company KPIs

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Industry 4.0 (I4.0) can help companies achieve




Manufacturing volumes with half the people


Material cost savings


Reduced inventory while improving customer service


Back-office automation


Reduced product development time while maintaining quality

Here are some case examples

A food packing manufacturer leveraged SIRI during an Operations diagnostic

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A Maintenance Repair and Operations client used SIRI to evaluate its current digital transformation roadmap and identify new areas of opportunity

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An automotive supplier company used SIRI to form a baseline for digital transformation and use it to support a cross functional visioning workshop

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A food manufacturing company leveraged SIRI to develop their digital operations transformation roadmap

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